The FBI Lockdown or MoneyPak virus is just that – another sly virus.

- This is an aggressive but popular virus today with several variants but we can typically remove it for you – remotely.  Contact us to set up an appointment! -

ICCCThe FBI MoneyPak virus is known as ransomware which will completely lock your system claiming that your computer has been involved in illegal activity. A little added excitement will ensue if you have a webcam as it will show your video and claim that it is recording you. It is not…  Allegedly, your system was used to download or distribute illegal or copyrighted material and/or viewed child pornography. This scam demands a penalty (usually $200) be paid in a certain timeframe before charges will be filed against you and further action taken. Paying this money will not remove the virus – do not pay them. The form of payment for this is a MoneyPak card. Moneypak is a prepaid card which can be purchased at any major shopping center such as Wal-Mart or Walgreens and can be used for a number of legitimate services.

The design surely is top notch on most that I have seen. It can make you sweat a little, without doubt. However, have no fear, the FBI will not be knocking on your door in relation to it – barring any real reason for them to do so, anyway.


What about Moneypak?

Please keep in mind that Moneypak is not the offender here and are completely legitimate for use – however, they do resemble Western Union in the manner of payment methods and consequences in the event of misunderstood use. There is further information at their site –


Why Moneypak?

They are not considered a pre-paid credit card but are as good as cash. The offenders do not request pre-paid major credit cards because if the card bares the Visa or MasterCard logo, it is considered credit card fraud.


Now, for the good news (and the bad)…

This virus, like many before it, can be cleaned. The time limit mentioned means nothing. The whole threat, in reality, means nothing… except that you can’t use your computer until it’s removed completely.

Many standard free tools such as Malwarebytes will discover it and remove the current running instance. However, it will more than likely return as it manifests itself when certain programs are run, the computer is restarted or just in a certain time frame. Variants of the virus differ in this area. In some instances, once you try to run Malwarebytes or any similar utility and the virus kills that, the virus has certainly advanced and you really should seek further assistance.

Not to say this simply because we do what we do… you are more than welcome to effort a self help removal. But if the virus returns, it could potentially become more resilient, rendering the computer completely useless until fully removed. If you need further assistance, you can always contact us. Most times, this can be handled remotely, as many things can be.

In addition to this, as if not enough, the antivirus that you may have been running prior to this experience is likely now disabled or blocked and no longer doing its job.